Girls’ Generation’s Yuri looks absolutely gorgeous in comeback countdown selca

Girl’s Generation‘s Yuri revealed her excitement for her upcoming group’s comeback as she shared a gorgeous selca on her Instagram on April 2nd. 

As the bright light from the sun glared through the car’s window, Yuri shined as she was accessorized with statement earrings while glowing with her smile. Yuri wrote, “Catch me if you can,” while using #CatchGG, #GG and #410, which is Girls’ Generation’s comeback date.

Girls’ Generation is schedule to release their comeback track “Catch Me If You Can” on April 10th. Although the track is originally a Japanese track, there will be two music video, one in Japanese and the other in Korean.

The eight-member group has already completed the outdoor filming for “Catch Me If You Can,” while TBS Countdown TV shared a preview of their upcoming track. “Catch Me If You Can” was revealed to be an upbeat, EDM-pop track.