Go Ara and Lee Je Hoon to star in “Detective Hong Gil Dong”

Go Ara and Lee Je Hoon have been confirmed as cast members for the upcoming film Detective Hong Gil Dong. This fusion film is based on a famous traditional story about Korean hero Hong Gil Dong transformed into a detective character. Casting was confirmed on December 2nd and filming has just recently began.

The filming of the opening scene was successfully completed and Lee Je Hoon mentioned, “I am excited and have high expectations for this new genre and fun filming experiences ahead of me. In particular, I am more nervous because I have been impressed with director Jo Sung Hee’s works in the past as well.” 

Director Jo Sung Hee praised about Lee Jae Hoon’s transformation as hero detective that, “He possesses chic and innocent charm. Fit for the detective Hong Gil Dong role.”

Meanwhile, Go Ara is to take on the role of president Hwang of Hwal Bin Dang in the film. She also happens to be the partner in crime of the detective Hong Gil Dong.

Meanwhile, actors Park Geun Hyung and Kim Sung Kyun have been casted for the antagonists of the film.

Source: Osen