[★VIDEO] Go behind-the-scenes with iKON’s B.I and Bobby for “NONAGON”

YG Entertainment’s clothing line, NONAGON, unveils some exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from their recent campaign feature iKON’s B.I and Bobby

The clip was released on May 18th and featured outtakes from their promotional shoot for the brand. It also featured the two members as they discussed the reasons why the love NONAGON and highlighted its hip-hop and mischievous concept.

As the clip also unveiled the preview of their track, B.I. and Bobby explained the process in the production of the song, focusing on the lyrics and feel needed for the brand.

The short video clip contained scenes from the promotional campaign used for their 2015 Fall/Winter Collection. 

Meanwhile, the two are currently busy preparing for their upcoming debut as part of YG Entertainment’s latest idol group, iKON.