Goo Hye Sun announces her comeback as an actress

Known for her talents in producing music and directing short films, Goo Hye Sun has aired her thoughts to focus on her career as an actress. 

In an interview with OSEN on November 13th, Goo Hye Sun confirms her comeback as she decides to focus on acting.

When she was asked with her future work as a director, she expressed her thoughts to comeback as an actress. “I decided not to be a director temporarily. During Angel Eyes, I decided to focus my career as an actress, but not everything can go the way I planned. When I decide to stop directing, there are always works to direct for. When I decide to stop acting, there are always works to act for. Although it may seem like I do everything I want to do, it’s different every time. I always do the things that I encounter. For now, I want to act.” 

She is also expressed that there is no particular image that she prefers to portray and was further quoted saying, “I actually think it’s okay to be depicted as an entertainer with multi-roles. But what I hope to focus on for now is acting. My youth will not last that long and acting is something I can’t do later on.”

Meanwhile, Goo Hye Sun recently released her third film Daughter as a director on November 6th. The movie illustrates a social message through complicated and dismantled relationship between a mother and a daughter.