GOT7’s Jackson would like to film “We Got Married” with miss A’s Suzy

GOT7’s Jackson made an appearance on KBS 2TV’s Vitamin and was put under a stress test, where he revealed he would like to become a virtual couple with miss A’s Suzy on We Got Married.

A stress patch was placed on his palms and soon the difficult questions were thrown at him. The host asked him, “Who do you want to appear on a virtual marriage program with?” The host gave him two choices, miss A’s Suzy or KARA’s Goo Hara.

Upon hearing the question, Jackson’s facial expression fell into uneasiness. His eyes squinted, eyebrows furrowed and he said, “I really don’t know who to choose,” and thought for a good second before scrunchy his face and finally shouting, “SUZY!”

The next question wasn’t any easier. The host asked, “If these two companies wanted you where would you want to move to?” The host presented him with the options of YG Entertainment or SM Entertainment.

Jackson who is currently with JYP Entertainment said, “This is really difficult,” and paused for a bit before picking YG Entertainment. After he said, “Every question was so stressful.”

Despite all the appearances in variety shows, Jackson is working hard to prepare for the GOT7’s upcoming Asia tour.

Source: My Daily