GOT7 drops teaser image with hidden clues for July comeback

On June 29th, JYP Entertainment released the first teaser for rookie boy band GOT7‘s summer comeback!The tweet was revealed to be a pre-teaser for GOT7’s upcoming release Just Right and seems to be hinting at surprises for IGOT7s.

The photo is a scrapbook page in progress that features the June and July calendar with crossed out dates, two marked days, and a series of numbers at the bottom of the photo.

Fans determined that the days that are not crossed out could be dates for teaser releases and connected the dates with the numbers at the bottom below. At first, it looks like a random set of numbers, but upon closer examination, “062930070136891012113” turns into 6/29-30, 7/3, 6, 8-10, 12-13, the exact dates that were not crossed out on the pictured calendar.

However, while July 9th and July 13th are in the list and crossed out, they are marked with bright pompoms with fans speculating that the dates could be for their comeback showcase, music video release, and physical release.

JYP Entertainment has hashtagged this photo as teaser #0 so stay tuned as GOT7 prepares for their first comeback this year!