GOT7 members ruin one another’s images with funny photos

On November 23rd, GOT7‘s BamBam showed his rebellious side as he uploaded hilarious distorted photos of fellow members Jackson and Mark!

BamBam seemed to be having fun, revealing the two funny photos of his fellow foreigner members to the public through his Twitter account. BamBam, Jackson, and Mark have a special connection together as they form the foreigners-line, since BamBam is Thai, Jackson is from Hong Kong, and Mark is Taiwanese-American.

The photos were mostly likely taken backstage at SBS Inkigayo as GOT7 is back in the music scene with their new title track “Stop Stop It,” which has gained more than 2 million views in a week! On Sunday’s music show Inkigayo, GOT7 also performed “Gimme,” on top of “Stop Stop It,” for their comeback stages.

With BamBam’s uploads, he received more than 15,000 retweets for each of his posts, a number way higher than his normal Twitter posts. The first shows Jackson posing directly for the camera, showing exceptionally thick lips and enlarged nostrils. The second features Mark, where the subject of the photograph seems to be oblivious to what BamBam is actually doing.

In return, Jackson made his revenge as he revealed an unglamorous photo of BamBam through his Instagram account. In the photo, BamBam makes a weird face with a double chin, gaining nearly 100,000 likes on Instagram!