GOT7 are playful boys in image teasers for “Just Right”

GOT7 is back with a bright new teaser for their summer comeback Just Right.At midnight on June 30th, JYP entertainment released the first official teaser for the group’s comeback (in accordance with the first rumored teaser date) following the pre-teaser calendar on June 29th.

The new teaser seems to be the second page in the scrapbook following the pre-teaser and features all of the members looking playful and dressed in bright colors. Fans were also quick to note that member Mark, who had sported a platinum blonde hairstyle since early June, now had a pink tuft of hair similar to Bambam‘s debut hair color while Bambam’s honey colored hair is darker than before.

The photo also includes “20150713 0AM” indicating that their new music video will most likely be released at midnight on July 13th.

With the polaroid-like photos surrounded by colorful candy, IGOT7s are looking forward to an upbeat summer track as they anticipate the next teaser, rumored to be on July 1st.

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