GOT7 plays around at the carnival for second batch of image teasers

For their second batch of image teasers, GOT7 shows off their playful nature in a series of group shots as they play at the carnival.

After releasing a calendar teaser with possible teaser dates, a page in their carnival scrapbook, and their individual teasers, GOT7’s preparations for their summer comeback are well under way.

JYP Entertainment tweeted the second page of GOT7’s scrapbook-themed teaser with photos showing Jackson, Bambam, and leader JB leaning against a carousel looking cool and chic while Mark, Junior, Youngjae, and maknae Yugyeom are smiling brightly as they hang around the carousel horse.

Meanwhile, the group photo features all the members as they showing off their individual charms in a faded polaroid-style photo.

GOT7 Just Right Mark Junior Youngjae Yugyeom

GOT7 Just Right Jackson Bambam JB

GOT7 Just Right group teaser

Source: GOT7 Star Naver