GOT7 releases “Stop Stop It” MV

GOT7 is finally back with their new music video for “Stop Stop It” off of their upcoming album Identify, after teasing fans with a splurge of teasers for the video

“Stop Stop It” is an electronic dance track with a groovy beat that highlights each member’s singing and powerful rapping. The group’s unique, swagger filled choreography and street style add to the futuristic atmosphere created by the track.

The video follows JB as he somehow falls off the roof and ends up in a futuristic time filled with bright flashing lights, where he runs into his crush once again.

The group has also continued to tease fans with image teasers and a spoiler for the tracks on their album, ahead of its release. While their album Identify is set to be released online on November 18th and offline on November 20th, the boys will be holding a showcase on November 17th at 8:00PM KST at AX Korea.

Check out their newest music video below!