[★VIDEO] GOT7 releases teaser for web drama “Dream Knight”

GOT7  has had a busy year with their official debut, multiple comebacks, a Japanese debut, variety shows and guest appearances and now, the teaser for their upcoming web drama “Dream Knight” has been released!

In the teaser, Jackson, Mark, and Youngjae‘s doll characters appear with multilingual banter as Jackson’s doll asks when their web drama will finally air in Mandarin. Mark’s doll answers, “How could you not know?”, while a confused Youngjae says, “What are you talking about?” in Korean.

Appearing, Jackson questions, “What is the name of the drama again?” to which Mark tells him to “Look up,” while Youngjae, still confused, asks “Where?”

JB‘s doll also makes an appearance in the video above the three GOT7 members next to their dolls.

Dream Knight’s official Facebook page also released teaser images featuring the four GOT7 members as well asking fans to anticipate the drama and tune in to watch the fresh flower boys gang of four!

The web drama, which stars all seven members of GOT7 along with Song Ha Yoon and other JYP Entertainment artists including JYP, Miss A‘s Min, and 2AM‘s Jinwoon, will air on January 27th, 2015 via Youku Tudou and Naver TV Broadcast!