GOT7 releases third MV teaser for “Stop Stop It”

GOT7 continues to release a myriad of video teasers for their title track “Stop Stop It” from their first studio album Identify. With member JB as the music video’s lead, he continues to be dumbfounded as the girl he crushes on approaches him.

The members of GOT7 and the female lead are having a joyful time playing with sparklers on a building’s rooftop, but lonely JB sits to the side as he looks on. The girl approaches JB once again with a large smile on her face, dragging him to join the fun, as he gives an awkward, but shy smile at her.

The group will be releasing their first studio album online on November 18th, with it available in stores on the 20th. Prior to its release however, they will be holding their showcase on November 17th, with the full music video for “Stop Stop It” set to be released that day as well.