[★VIDEO] GOT7 woos their girlfriends in latest photoshoot for “Real GOT7 – Season 3”

On the newest episode of Real GOT7 Season 3, the members of GOT7 take on a special mission from a photographer during their DVD jacket photoshoot.

GOT7 takes on a sleepy-boy-in-pajamas concept as the episode opens with each of the members showing off their famous boyfriend charm during the Real GOT7  DVD photoshoot.

However, when leader JB prompts the photographer to name the most photogenic member, he quickly agrees that he would answer the question after the members complete a mission for the second half of the photoshoot: win over their upset girlfriend with a random prop!

Because the members of GOT7 love to complete missions, they quickly chose their items: JB with a fake mustache, Jr. with a fake wig, Mark with a tube of lipstick, Jackson with funny glasses, Youngjae with a rose, Bambam with a Teddy bear, and Yugyeom with a camera.

Meanwhile, GOT7 is currently in the midst of preparing for their first comeback since “Stop Stop It” last November and with photos of the members’ new hair colors surfacing. They recently held their first fan party in Japan to celebrate the release of their second Japanese track “Love Train” where a Vine of Mark’s shy smile went viral.

Watch the episode to find out what charming antics each member uses to win their girlfriends over and find out who was the best and the worst!