GOT7 wraps 1st Japan Tour through additional Christmas concert date

GOT7 successfully wraps up their first concert tour in Japan with their additional Christmas concert date selling out in less than a minute. 

On December 24th, GOT7 wrapped up their tour GOT7 1st Japan Tour 2014 “AROUND THE WORLD” through their additional Christmas special in Tokyo, Japan. It was further added that ticket sales for the added concert stop sold out in less than a minute following its release. The group was further praised for their popularity that the concert had to be aired simultaneously though various theatres in Japan.

GOT7 performed their hit tracks “Stop Stop It” and “Gimme,” along with some tracks form their latest album Identify. 

As a treat, they have also sang “Deck The Halls” for their fans, along with a Christmas version of their track, “So Lucky.”

Meanwhile, GOT7 further teased fans with the announcement of their first fan meeting in the country next year.

Source: TheStarChosun