GOT7’s BamBam teases possible fan meeting or concert in Thailand

On February 13th, GOT7‘s BamBam released a photo on his official Twitter account, revealing that there is a possibility for the group to visit Thailand for a concert or fan meeting. 

BamBam revealed a photo of a seating chart of an arena while saying, “Thailand! Are You Ready!?” After the GOT7 member shared that tweet, fans has been curious to know what GOT7 has in store for Thailand.

As of now, GOT7 does not have any confirmed activities for a concert or fan meeting in Thailand, but after BamBam’s tweet, fans are speculating an upcoming event.

Unfortunately, BamBam’s Instagram account got hacked for a second time this year.  On February 11th, he revealed that he got hacked and said, “Why this always happen to me. Sorry Guys.

Meanwhile, GOT7 has been starring in web drama, Dream Knight. The web drama successfully surpassed three million views in late January. Dream Knight airs on Tuesday and Thursday through Korea’s Naver TV.