GOT7’s Jackson Reveals Why He Gave Up His Dream For An Idol Life In Unaired Footage

Unaired footage of GOT7 Jackson on the show Go Fridge has surfaced as the idol reveals the reason why he gave up his initial dream and went on the path to be an idol instead.

In the clip, he reveals in the past, he was a talented fencer representing Hong Kong as part of their national team which resulted in the University of Hong Kong and Stanford University offering him scholarships as long as he represented their schools as a fencer during competitions. His skills were so amazing that even his friends and father gloated that he could win the gold medal at the Olympics for the sports.

However, instead of following his path as a fencer, Jackson instead revealed to his father he wanted to become a K-Pop singer who later was shocked once presented by an actual contract to sign, sharing that he had a passion for making music and rapping.

Watch more about Jackson’s past attempt to return to the Hong Kong fencing team during his trainee days below: