GOT7’s JB is in a daze in 2nd MV teaser for “Stop Stop It”

GOT7‘s JB will be takeing the lead in the group’s upcoming music video “Stop Stop It” for their first studio album Identify, as revealed by their latest music video teasers

A second video teaser was released on November 12th, and similar to the first, JB is completely stunned and stuck in a daze as his girl crush walks through the dance room’s door with a dazzling smile. The remaining GOT7 members warmly greet her, while JB can only look on, not knowing what to do.

GOT7 will be releasing their music video on November 17th at midnight KST, which will be followed by their comeback showcase at 8pm KST. The album, Identify, will be released online on November 18th and offline on the 20th.