H.O.T. reunion a possibility as they meet up with SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man

SM Entertainment got fans into a muddle after it was reported that Lee Soo Man and the members of H.O.T allegedly met up. 

On April 18th, fans suspected an increased possibility of a comeback after it was reported that the members of H.O.T met with Lee Soo Man in a private dinner. As the group nears their 20th anniversary, a general meeting with their former management agency strengthened speculations of a comeback.

As previously discussed, the biggest obstacle in their comeback and reunion was the formulation of their schedules and tour. However, SM Entertainment did not reveal the contents of their conversations and only described it as “personal rather than having specific discussions in place.”

Currently, the members all belong in different agencies with Moon Hee Jun active in the entertainment industry, while Kang Ta and Jang Woo Hyuk focusing on activities in China. Tony Ahn remains a prominent figure as a singer and music producer and  Lee Jae Won in the musical stage.

H.O.T is scheduled to celebrate their 20th anniversary this year!

Source: DailySports