Ha Yeon Soo uncomfortable over fan’s indecent spams on Facebook

Actress Ha Yeon Soo expresses her discomfort over a netizen’s rampant and inappropriate comment on her social networking site account.

On June 1st, Ha Yeon Soo made a bold reply on her personal Facebook account as she responded to a fan’s inappropriate marriage proposal. As quoted, the fan made a post towards that actress saying, “Yeon Soo, you’re the best! Please marry me, I can support you. I am not as talented as you but I have a decent amount of savings. So marry me.” He continued the posts with multiple “Marry me” comments attached with the term “lol” every time, reflecting a joking manner.

Expressing her discomfort, the actress responded, “I don’t feel comfortable. I really do not enjoy jokes like this. Even if it just a joke, you always attach ‘lol’ to the comment repetitively. I remember because the comment is always the same and it gives me goosebumps. It is the same message with the same emojis,” and continued, “I thought you were a bit mentally unstable since you comment the same exact message on every post. I think you are taking it too far.” 

In addition, she mentioned, “Is this not embarrassing if you think about your future wife? I do not know how old you are but I hope you consider other people’s feelings before you speak. Have a great day.”

Ha Yeon Soo debuted with a 2013 movie Very Ordinary Couple and is currently in MBC’s drama The Legend of the Witch.

Netizens responded to her outbursts with comments saying:

[+ 1657, – 41] What’s the difference between that and being a stalker?

[+ 1606, – 41] If you look at the article’s title, you might think she is overacting but I can see why she would feel uncomfortable if he wrote the same comment repetitively.

[+918, -223] Let’s all quit SNS.


Source: MyDaily