HaHa and Byul unveil sweet photos from their third wedding anniversary

HaHa and Byul unveil a glimpse of their touching third year anniversary celebrations as they post the photos on their respective SNS accounts. 

Posting the photos on their respective Instagram accounts, HaHa and Byul revealed that they celebrated their third wedding anniversary with a special dinner with their son, Dream, at the 63 Building in Seoul, South Korea. It was the same building where they initially held their wedding ceremony three years ago.

Byul initially posted the photos on her own account with the captions such as, “Thank you, honey. Oh no, thank you, 63 Building,” before jokingly adding that they should have left their son at him with the way he was eating his meal. Posting words of admiration for each other and their son, HaHa also shared the same set of photos on his own account.

Happy Anniversary, HaHa and Byul!

Byul's Instagram

Byul's Instagram

Source: Tenasia