HALO releases music preview for 3rd single album, “Grow Up”

On May 26th, rookie group HALO continued to tease fans for their comeback, this time by releasing a music preview for their upcoming third single album, Grow Up.

Yesterday, HALO released a mysterious comeback video teaser that gave fans insight into what their comeback concept would be like. Today, the group released a forty-four second music preview for their 3rd single album, Grow Up.

The teaser introduces the songs on the mini-album one by one, with the first one being “While You’re Asleep.” The second song is “Nothing On You,” which is a slower ballad-like track. The final song on the album will be “Dazzling,” which is a more upbeat track but with an acoustic sound.

Check out the music preview for HALO’s 3rd single album, Grow Up, below!

Source: HALO’s Official YouTube Channel