HALO says “Come On Now” with new title track MV

On November 20th, HALO has released the full music video for their title track “Come On Now.” The song is a release from their second mini-album titled Hello HALO.

HALO recently has been teasing fans with a variety of sneak peeks ranging from a music video teaser to behind-the-scenes snippets and even charismatic individual image teasers to set the mood for “Come On Now.” This title track is a production by Jeon Da Woon and KZ, who had produced HALO’s first title song.

The track “Come On Now” is a combination of funky beats and addicting hooks. The song also is reminiscent of old school hip hop with its choice of percussion such as a cowbell.

In the music video, HALO interacts with the camera, using various creative cuts to show off their relaxed and modern choreography. In the story, HALO attempts to impress the female character with magic tricks such as pulling flowers from nowhere. After a smooth transition, viewers are taken into a rap and dance club setting as the electric guitar drives the groove forward.

Check out the music video here: