HALO unveils comeback teaser images for “HELLO HALO” ft. Dino, Jaeyong, Heechun and Yoondong

The 2014 super rookie group, HALO, is finally making their first comeback on November 20th after their debut back in June and has released concept images featuring members Dino, Jaeyong, Heechun and Yoondong. 

HISTAR ENTERTAINMENT, HALO’s agency, announced on November 11th that their rookie group will be making a comeback on the coming 20th with their second mini-album titled Hello HALO. Along with the announcement, the agency also updated HALO’s official Facebook page with concept images featuring Dino, Jaeyong, Heechun and Yoondong.

HALO is a six-member group comprised of leader Ooon, main vocal Dino, vocals Jaeyong and Heechun, and rappers Inhaeng and Yoondong. The group first debuted back in June 2014 with their first mini-album, 38˚C.

An agency representative stated, “Punky, hybrid dancing, rock, and hip hop were the genres used as the underlying bases for the songs on the new album. Please watch out for us as we will be promoting happily after the official comeback.

The rookie group received a lot of attention after it was revealed that they wanted to become the One Direction, a very popular English boy band, of South Korea.

Many Korean and international fans claimed that the HALO members were just as handsome and talented as the English band’s members, sparking a lot of attention, both positive and negative, to the idol group.

Source: Sports World