Han Ga In and Yeon Jung Hoon welcome their first child after ten years of marriage

After ten years of marriage, actress Han Ga In and actor Yeon Jung Hoon finally welcomed their first child. 

On April 13th, the actress gave birth to a healthy daughter, according to reports. After hearing about the actress’s safe labor and the birth of the healthy baby, netizens congratulated the couple. And with the two being so visually stunning, netizens were sure that their daughter will soon grow up into a beautiful young girl.

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[+ 18746, – 181] A daughter between those two….I can only imagine the level of beauty…

[+ 11935, – 100] Heol! Seriously congrats!! She must be so beautiful

[+ 11595, – 154] If she looks anything like her daughter…she is going to be gorgeous

[+ 7607, – 101] Congratulations!!

Source: TV Report