Han Ye Seul looks radiant on December issue of “High Cut”

Actress Han Ye Seul was on the cover of the December High Cut magazine. Although the cover is just a head shot of the star, her flawless skin combined with the smokey eyes, rosy cheeks, and pink lips accentuate her elegance and beauty.

In one photo Han Ye Seul is seen leaning against the wall in a dark blue silhouette dress. Her softly shaped eyebrows draw attention to her eyes and her long brown hair flows down her shoulders nicely, meeting the dress in an earthy and dark tone. It is a simple concept, yet her elegance shines through to captivate readers.

The star leads in SBS‘s Birth of Beauty alongside Joo Sang WookJung Kyeo Woon, In Kyo Jin, and Wang Ji Hye. Recently, her agency announced she will not be participating in variety programs until she is done filming Birth of Beauty so that she can solely focus on her acting.



Source: Nocutnews