Hangeng commemorates 9th anniversary since debut

November 6th marks Super Junior‘s 9th year anniversary since their debut in 2005! Former Super Junior-M member Hangeng posted a special message to thank his fans through Weibo!

ELFs have celebrated the special occasion by trending #9YearsWithSuperJunior worldwide on Twitter, while the members of Super Junior members themselves have thanked their fans through their personal SNS accounts.

Meanwhile, it was former member Hangeng, who previously had a contract termination case against SM Entertainment, who caught the attention of many for his special anniversary message. On November 6th, Hangeng followed suit by posting photos of Super Junior, along with photos of himself in his solo projects, as he also celebrates his ninth year as an artist. Instead of directly celebrating Super Junior’s 9th year anniversary, he posted “#1106Hangeng9YearsSinceDebut To those who have been beside me, I love you all!

Hangeng initially made his debut with Super Junior and was appointed leader for sub-unit Super Junior-M. However, Hangeng filed a contract termination lawsuit against SM Entertainment and left the group permanently. “Sorry Sorry” was his last promotional activity with the group as 13 members.

Screencap of Hangeng's Weibo post
Photo: Hangeng Weibo