Hanhae offers free mobile download of his solo album “365”

PHANTOM’s Hanhae has made the digital version of his solo album, 365, free for fans who purchase his CD offline!

Through his label BrandNew Music, Hanhae’s 365 was released both online and offline on January 30th. For those who purchase the album offline, there now includes a coupon to download the album for free on Bainil, a mobile music service that allows listeners to download albums online.

The nine-track album includes a strong mix of upbeat rap and R&B tracks, and features popular rappers such as Ugly Duck, D.meanor, and Swings. The list of songs includes the recently popular track “Man of the Year” and “Neck Breaker” from his recent cypher video.

The preview of his entire album is available for streaming on Bugs. And in case you missed it, here is “Man of the Year” from Hanhae’s 365 album!

Source: Herald POP