Happy Birthday to 100%’s Jonghwan and Teen Top’s L. Joe!

Happy Birthday to both Top Entertainment’s 100%’s Jonghwan and Teen Top’s L. Joe, they both share November 23rd as their birthday!

100%’s Jonghwan turns 23 today! Jonghwan and 100% started their careers in September of 2012 as they began with their debut on the SBS TV show Teen Top Rising 100%. From their debut song, “Bad Boy,” they have continued on steadily to their most recent album BANG the BUSH and their hit music video “Beat.”

Meanwhile, Teen Top’s L. Joe turns 22. Teen Top’s official Twitter celebrated by uploading a picture of L.  Joe with his many birthday cakes. Also, Angels celebrated by trending #LJoeHoney22ndDay worldwide.  Teen Top has been working on their latest promotions on their new song, “I’m Sorry“.