Happy Birthday to Song Hyekyo, INFINITE’s Dongwoo, BTOB’s Eunkwang, BOYS REPUBLIC’s Onejunn, & Lee Yoobi!

Song Hyekyo, INFINITE’s Dongwoo, BTOB’s Eunkwang, and Boys Republic’s Onejunn all share November 22nd as their birthday!

Song Hyekyo turns 34, beginning her famed career when she was 14. However, it was not until 2000 when her career skyrocketed with Autumn in My Heart and since she has been noted in dramas like Full House, That Winter, The Wind Blows.

INFINITEs main rapper and lead dancer Dongwoo is 25. INFINITE took to Twitter, celebrating their member’s birthday, writing “[#INFINITE] Today is Dongwoo’s 25th birthday!! A positive icon 🙂 Come look at Dongwoo’s self-camera congratulation message at our official cafe♡ #HappyBirthdayDongwoo #INFINITE

BTOB’s leader, Eunkwang also turns 25. BTOB’s official Twitter reached out to fans on their leader’s birthday, writing, “#SUNKWANG_DAY # Happy Day sseongwang man born to a melody. I congratulate the birthday of the precious silver group leader (BTOB_SEKwang) of #BTOB!” Fans also had celebrated the beloved leader’s birthday as #LeaderKwang was trending worldwide.