Haru promotes Epik High’s “Parade 2014” concert on Instagram

Promoting Epik High‘s upcoming concert Parade 2014 in her own little way, Tablo‘s daughter Haru garnered much attention for her series of edited photos posted on her Instagram account. On November 5th, Tablo’s daughter Haru posted a series of pictures on her Instagram account, having photoshopped herself alongside her dad’s group Epik High.

Haru who is an avid supporter of her dad, even though she is too young to listen to his tracks, seems to be promoting his concert in her Instagram.The first picture was a younger picture of Epik High and to be appropriate Haru pasted a younger self next to her dad, promoting the concert and asking, “Are you ready?” The second post is a more recent picture from their comeback with and the caption “Find me if you can! #EPIKHIGHCONCERT #EPIKHIGHPARADE2014 let’s meet an Itaewon! #goodluckdad!” which was followed by its third and final shot, Friday Saturday, Mom’s company seal^^!! I’m Ready!!! #finallyonstage”

Meanwhile, Epik High will be holding their first concert since 5 years on November 14, which has been expanded into a domestic tour. The concert Parade 2014 will commence in Seoul on November 14th to November 16th and will continue onto Daegu on December 7th, Incheon on December 19th, and Busan on December 27th to 28th.