Haru to reunite with Santa Tablo on “Superman is Back”

Superman is Back hints on the upcoming Christmas episode as Haru reunites with Santa Claus once more. 

On the upcoming broadcast of the program on December 21st, it was revealed that Tablo will be donning the Santa Claus costume once more as they enjoy two days together as part of their Christmas episode.

With teasers of Tablo in the costume emerged online, viewers have expressed their curiosity on Haru’s reaction with her father’s surprise. It was noted that Haru reacted strongly and was terrified when Tablo wore the costume as a surprise during last year’s Christmas episode.

However, after a year, Haru seemed to have made a different transformation as she showed a calmer reaction to the costume, welcoming Tablo in his red suit. She was also praised for her grown-up transformation as she helped Tablo decorate their house with festive ornaments as they prepare for her friends’ visit.

Stay tuned for Tablo’s Santa Claus transformation today!

Source: TenAsia