Heechul teases fans with new hairstyle for Super Junior’s comeback

As Super Junior prepares for their 10th anniversary special this July, member Heechul keeps fan in check with their possible new concept. 

Updating his personal Instagram account on June 25th, Heechul provided a preview of what he would like in their new set of promotions through a series of updates. After previously chopping off his longer hairstyle, it seems like member opted for a blonde, platinum look as he posted “Good Night” selcas for his fans.

On one of his videos, he can also be seen massaging fellow member Ryeowook on what is speculated to be on the set of their latest music video.

SM Entertainment previously confirmed that Super Junior will be returning for a new release mid-July, but specified that it will not be an album, but a different type of record.

Check out Heechul’s “hints” below!