Hello Venus continues count down to “Sticky Sticky” comeback with D-2 photos

Hello Venus is making a comeback on November 6th with two new membersSeoyoung and Yeoreum, and a new track titled “Sticky Sticky”. Ahead of their return, the group has revealed two additional photos as they continue their countdown.

The day of Hello Venus’s comeback is drawing near, after teasing fans with a music video teaser, additional video and image teasers, and countdown photos.

On November 4th, Hello Venus continued their countdown by releasing a D-2 picture on their official Twitter. It showcases two of the members looking angelic as they are sleeping, with the caption “D-2 Hello Venus comeback #november6 #stickysticky #hellovenus #wakeup“. 

On the same day, the girls also posted another photo introducing their new member Yeoreum. The photo shows Nara and Yeoreum taking a cute kissy face selca with the caption, “I introduce to you Yeoreum from the I-teen days ~♡ #hellovenus #november6 #stickysticky #predebut #yeorumyeorum ~

Hello Venus’s comeback is highly anticipated by the fans after their one year comeback and their member lineup change.

Stay tuned for Hello Venus’s return on November 6th!