Hello Venus count down to comeback with D-4 and D-3 photos

With just a couple days to go until their comeback on November 6th, Hello Venus released two more photos as they count down until the release of their new song “Sticky Sticky”. 

The D-4 photo featured Lime, Yooyoung and new member Yeoreum with similar shades of red hair, posing cross armed in front of a red and purple leopard spotted wall, fitting the theme of the stills that were released earlier this week. The D-3 photo on the other hand, featured Lime wearing a furry crop top and a interesting headband that make her resemble a rabbit.

Hello Venus’s comeback has been highly anticipated by fans after a year-long hiatus and a line-up change. As more and more teasers come out, netizens continue to show their support for the girls with comments such as “time is too slow!” and “I’m so excited!“.