Hello Venus’ Nara shows off her sexy curves for “HIM: Military Culture Magazine”

Hello Venus member Nara graces the covers of the military culture magazine HIM for the special New Year’s edition, revealing her sexy body curves.

Wearing black high heels, the heels itself decorated in gold, black knee high stockings and a orange-beige body suit, Nara poses in such a way that her curves are highlighted. Her long blonde and curly hair flows down on either side of her face, a military beret decorating her head.

In November, Hello Venus performed for the Nonsan military camp, fascinating soldiers with their sexy performance of “Sticky Sticky.”

Meanwhile, Hello Venus will be returning with their 19+ digital single “Wiggle Wiggle,” which they teased for on December 24th, and is set to be released in the new year.

Source: The Star Chosun