Hello Venus shares album cover for “Sticky Sticky”

After a one year hiatus and undergoing a line up change, Hello Venus is finally coming back as a complete group with their new release, “Sticky Sticky”. Along with the title track, three other tracks including “Hello Venus” and “Whiskey” are also featured in the album.

Following the release of their single, Hello Venus will perform at M! Countdown at 6pm KST same day. The new single will show fans a brand new version of the girls through a different concept. While the group previously stressed their theme of cuteness, this time they are returning with a sexy, glamorous style that was previously unseen as shown in various video and image teasers.

“Sticky Sticky” is composed by renowned composers Brave Brothers and Elephant Kingdom, and will bring a strong hook that aims to stay in the audiences’ heads forever.

The choreography and music video are also hot topics related to Hello Venus’ return. While the song’s choreography, titled “Aphrodite Dance”, will bring sophisticated and precise moves, the music video will also bring out the different sides of the members’ personalities.

“Sticky Sticky” will be released on November 6th at noon KST.

Source: Osen