Henry gives Yewon a romantic piggyback as they play basketball on “We Got Married”

Enjoying themselves on a fun basketball outing, virtual couple Henry and Yewon spend time one-on-one with each other during the recording of MBC‘s We Got Married.

On May 16th, during their recent recording with the crew, Henry and Yewon decided to head out on a walk in the park near his home. Upon discovering a basketball hoop Henry showed off his ease, and successfully made a basket. Yewon, who couldn’t conceal her admiration, complimented Henry on his outstanding basketball skills.

Following that Henry decided to teach Yewon how to play basketball. Henry displayed skinship, and naturally went behind Yewon into a back hug position to help her shoot the basketball. While Henry was enjoying himself, Yewon was seen making many failed attempts to shoot the ball into the hoop. Seeing her struggle Henry decided to take the initiative to give Yewon a piggyback to bring her closer to the goal.

On the May 16th airing, f(x)‘s Amber and VIXX‘s N also joined them for a house warming party. The episode is set to premiere at 5pm KST.

Source: X Sports News