Henry Lau, B.I.G’s Benji, ZE:A’s Heechul, Juni, Cho Ara, Park Myungsoo and others confirmed for new tvN program, “Always Cantare”

Casting for the new tvN variety program, Always Cantare, has been confirmed with popular artists such as Super Junior-M‘s Henry Lau, ZE:A‘s Heechul, Super Junior Kyuhyun‘s sister Cho Ara, B.I.G‘s BenjiPark Myung Soo, and more!

According to a tvN official on November 7th, the cast for the new variety program, Always Cantare, finished filming for the show’s pilot episode.

Always Cantare is a program that will provide the back story and creation of a real orchestra with Henry Lau as a violinist and world-renowned South Korean conductor, Geum Nan Se, as the band’s grand conductor. Other celebrities such as Park Myung Soo, Sam Hammington, Sam Otswiri, Juni, and Oh Sang Jin will also take part as members of the orchestra while normal citizens who aspire to become musicians audition to be a member of this new orchestra.

Idols such as B.I.G’s Benji, Vanilla Lucy‘s Hyera, and ZE:A’s Heechul will also be part of the cast while playing their roles as violinists and cellists.

Many netizens have been especially anxious to see Cho Ara, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun sister, who widely got her name and title known to the world through her public appearance on KBS Superman is Back as Tablo‘s daughter’s violin teacher.

Staff of tvN began teasing fans with a slightly suggestive statement that, B.I.G’s Benji, who studied violin at the prestigious Julliard School of Performing Arts, became rivals with Henry Lau who studied violin at Berklee College of Music.

Always Cantare will be a short, four-episode program set to air in early December.

Source: OSEN (1 and 2)