Henry shows off his close relationship with Lee Guk Joo

On October 20th, Super Junior-M‘s Henry and comedian Lee Guk Joo showed off their close friendship in a series of selcas posted via the singer’s personal Twitter account.He writes, “Everyone…It’s true that this woman is my girlfriend.!!” along with two selcas featuring himself and Lee Guk Joo.

In the first photo, Lee Guk Joo shows off her aegyo, her eyes opened widely with hand to cheek as Henry faces towards her with lips pressed together, ready to give her a kiss on the cheek. In another, the two close friends direct their eyes towards the camera, adorably posing with happy pursed smiles as the comedian puts up a peace sign.

According to Sports Chosun, the two are getting ready to film the upcoming SBS show Super Junior-M Guesthouse, set to air on October 26th.