Henry shows his heartwarming side with army dog on MBC’s “Real Men”

Henry has attracted viewers for his caring heart after connecting with a depressed army dog in a recent episode of MBC’s Real Men.The episode aired on November 30th was a special episode where the cast of Real Men took in army dogs to train for the Military Dog Education Troop.

During the episode, an army German dog going by the name Bando appeared as part of the training, and remained unresponsive, turning his head away after making eye contact.

In an attempt to connect with the dog, Henry spoke in several different languages including German and English, which sparked laughter from viewers due to his random personality.

Henry showed his affection for the dog, saying, “What if he can’t become a military dog? I hope Bando gets out of this depression state.”

Bando eventually hid in a corner, shaking from fear of being in a new place, but Henry reassured the dog, warmly hugging him as he lifted Bando out of the area, saying, “It’s okay. You don’t have to do it.”

Source: TV Report