Here’s The TRUE Meaning Behind These 8 Rapper Idols’ Names

Music artists often have strange stage names, and Korean hiphop artists are no exception. Recently on a post on Freestyle Town experts discussed several rappers and the meaning behind their stage names.

A translation of the article can be found below:


Name Explanations Let’s See How Much You Know 


Loco (Kwon Hyuk Woo)
When he consumes a lot of alcohol, he starts barking and people call him “crazy,” or “loco.”


Giriboy (Hong Si Young)
The phrase “see the way” can be romanized as “bo-i gil-i,” so he changed it around to Giriboy. The way in front of him appears to be quite promising these days!


Choiza (Choi Jae Ho)
His rapper name came from his nickname “Strongest….” Uh yea…”that” part that’s specific in males..


Beenzino (Im Sung Bin)
When he was younger, he liked a singer named Benzino. He replaed the “Ben” with the “bin” part of his name and it turned into Beenzino. 


Black Nut (Kim Dae Woong)
His name means what you think it means…Black NUT


Zion.T (Kim Hae Sol)
“Zion” refers to the capital of Jerusalem as designated by David, and “T” was chosen because it resembles a cross. (Zion.T is a church oppa).


E-Sens (Kang Min Ho)
“E-Sens” is short for “essayistic sens,” referring to his writing skills. 


Hanhae (Jung Han Hae)
It’s just his name.

Source: Freestyle Town