HI SUHYUN counts down to music video release for “I’m Different”!

YG Entertainment has released a countdown timer for the unveiling of HI SUHYUN’s music video for their hit track “I’m Different”!

On November 18th, YG Entertainment surprised fans by uploading a countdown timer on their official website just a short five hours before the release of the MV at 8pm KST. Ever since the unveiling of the counter, fans have been buzzing with much anticipation.

Originally, the music video was to be released along with the audio release of the track earlier last week on November 11th, but the release date for the MV was pushed back. Behind-the-scenes stills went viral when it was revealed that the music video would feature Bobby, Lee Hi, and Lee Suhyun in a teenage love triangle, showing an innocent yet mature image that the artists have not shown before.

“I’m Different” features a jazzy beat that highlights the sassy singers and their powerful vocals. Lee Hi’s soulful voice blends with Lee Suhyun’s pure harmonies to create a new feel for both of these artists.

Don’t miss the music video release at 8pm KST!