Hi Suhyun talks about Yang Hyun Suk and more in interview

YG Entertainment‘s newest unit Hi Suhyun has topped music charts with their debut song “I’m Different” and now they have shared their debut process and how it felt to have reached number one in an intimate interview with Newsen.Hi Suhyun consists of soloist Lee Hi and Akdong Musician member Suhyun. On November 14th, the girls sat down at a cafe in Mapo-gu, Seoul for this interview where they even spoke about their CEO Yang Hyun Suk.

On hearing the news of their 1st place win, both girls stated that it made them happier than any other win they received as a soloist or as part of Akdong Musician. Suhyun continued on saying “…we were so happy we screamed. We were preparing pepero to give to YG artists and we threw the pepero in our hands aside and jumped around.”

As for their unit, Lee Hi mentioned that she had a feeling Yang Hyun Suk was going to place them together since he had them work on a song together before “I’m Different.” However, Lee Hi was surprised at the song choice for their debut since it wasn’t that different from her style but it was a different style of singing for Suhyun.

The girls also mentioned that at times they are envious of each other because they receive different treatment from their CEO but Yang Hyun Suk wants them to play off that jealousy and use it onstage in their choreography. He told them to point at each other and glare as if they wanted to kill each other.

Lee Hi was quick to point out that she receives a lot of criticism from Yang Hyun Suk while Suhyun receives close to none, but she thinks this is because she looks like a troublemaker. Suhyun herself was surprised at this and stated “When I was singing under AKMU’s name he was really different. We practiced a lot and had a lot of recording sessions but he never once gave us criticism or input. Even when he came into the studio he would just tell us to keep recording and leave again. I thought he was like that with everyone but now I see he is different with every artist.”

Meanwhile, when asked whether they have a role model the girls replied, “We don’t have role models as Hi Suhyun because we want to be a unique character.”

The music video for “I’m Different” featuring iKON’s Bobby was released on November 18th and showcased a little bit of the jealousy between the girls, though mostly showcased their powerful chemistry together as a vocal duo.

Source: Newsen