HISTORY releases individual photo teaser for Kim Si Hyung

HISTORY continues to release teasers for their comeback as they released the individual photo teaser for Kim Si Hyung on May 15th.

While partially covered by a sheer white curtain, Kim Si Hyung faced his head towards the pool, which made it appear as if he were moments away from submerging himself, with his leg already in the pool.

Although previous teasers appeared dark and gloomy, this teaser resembled HISTORY’s tracklist photo, where pool waves appeared in the background. The tracklist revealed that their fourth mini-album Beyond the History will include five tracks and will be released on May 21st.

Meanwhile, the five-member group released individual music video teasers for their title track “Might Just Die” featuring other members Jang Ji JeongKyung Il, and Na Do Kyun and Kim Jae Ho. Jang Ji Jeong was seen walking under a mysterious object while the intense music from string instruments enhanced the frustrated and regretful emotions that he was conveying.

Take a look at Kim Si Hyung’s image teaser here: