HISTORY releases tracklist for 4th mini-album “Beyond the History”

After HISTORY announced the exciting news of having a comeback, they revealed the full tracklist for their 4th mini-album Beyond the History on May 8th.

With a photo of what looks to be the ocean waves in the background, the tracklist revealed that the album consists of five songs which are “Mind Game,” “I Might Kill You,” “Ghost,” “Slow Down,” and a solo track “1Century.” The tracks are composed by the likes of KZ, Jordan Weiner, Jarah Gibson, and E-Tribe.

Prior to releasing their tracklist, HISTORY teased fans as they released a grayscale image teaser which showcased the members walking away as the text said, “Beyond the History.

Meanwhile, HISTORY released their Japanese album ABOUT HISTORY as well as a teaser for the album on November 26th. In addition, they released their 3rd mini-album, DESIRE in June 2014 which consisted of five songs with the title track “Psycho.”

Beyond the History will be released at midnight on May 21st.