HISTORY releases video teaser for “Might Just Die” featuring Jang Yi Jeong

Ahead of their comeback release scheduled for May 21st, the members of HISTORY continue to tease fans with both image and video teasers.

Previously, the group released image and video teasers for leader Kyung Il, as well as for Kim Jae Ho and Na Do Kyun. Earlier today, member Jang Yi Jeong‘s image teaser was unveiled, raising expectations for both his video teaser and the group’s comeback concept.

At noon, HISTORY released Jang Yi Jeong’s video teaser for their comeback title track, “Might Just Die.” Like the previous video teasers for Kyung Il, Kim Jae Ho, and Na Do Kyun, Jang Yi Jeong is seen walking under a dark object with a light stripe down the center. Throughout the short seventeen second video teaser, Jang Yi Jeong gives off feelings of frustration and regret.

Check out Jang Yi Jeong’s video teaser for “Might Just Die” below!

Source: 1theK’s Official YouTube Channel