Hong Kong fans send a coffee truck for “Monday Couple” Gary and Song Ji Hyo

Recently, Running Man fans from Hong Kong sent “Monday Couple” Song Jihyo and Kang Gary a coffee truck to the set as show their support for the program’s famous love line.

The coffee truck came complete with “Monday Couple” banners depicting their famous moments, as well as stickers on the pastries as well. International fans of Monday Couple came together to put this significant gift together as a sign of support for the two, as well as the the rest of the fixed cast of Running Man.

On November 24th, Gary posted a picture on Instagram of him and Jihyo posing cutely together with one of the pastries from the food truck as he captions it “Thank you~~~ Fans from Hong Kong for following us” and a second picture of the food truck itself with many staff members lining up in the cold to order a warm cup of coffee during shooting.

A photo posted by 浪漫主义者 (@gaegun) on


A photo posted by 浪漫主义者 (@gaegun) on