HOTSHOT introduces member Kid Monster on latest teaser clip

HOTSHOT , an upcoming 6 member rookie group under K.O Sound, has released a video teaser featuring member Kid MonsterOn October 22nd, HOTSHOT released a teaser for one of their members, Kid Monster, as he showcased his powerful dance skills. In the teaser, Kid Monster is featured showcasing his powerful moves as he krumps along to an electronic beat.

The rookie hip-hop group consists of members Junhyuk, Sungwoon, Yoonsan, Hojeong, Kid Monster and Timoteo. The group is said to not adhere to a specific concept but instead looks to focus on their perfect skills in dance and singing, which has raised expectations from fans.

K.O Sound, on the other hand, is a subsidiary of Oscar Entertainment, which includes artists such as Bobby Kim, Double K, Gil Hak Mi and Lush.

HOTSHOT is set to debut on October 30th and recently, on October 18th, they held a fan meeting at the Howon Art Hall in Seoul where Timoteo and Kid Monster displayed a lively performance.

You can check out Kid Monster’s dance skills below:

Source: TV Report