HOTSHOT “Take A Shot” in their MV teaser

Rookie boy group HOTSHOT reveals their first music video teaser for their debut track “Take A Shot”.On October 27th, CJ E&M Music released HOTSHOT’s first teaser video for their debut track “Take A Shot”. Set in a monochrome, Matrix-like environment, multiple clones of the members are seen running in different directions. Afterwards, the members are seen in the fog, with a “dragging display lag” image forming behind them, mirroring their running movements. A heavy underlying dubstep beat plays throughout this teaser, ending on a mysterious note.

HOTSHOT was previously announced to debut on October 30th and has recently released a teaser introducing Kid Monster. Comprised of members Junhyuk, Sungwoon,Yoonsan, Hojeong, Kid Monster, and Timoteo, HOTSHOT will be debuting under K.O Sound which is a subsidiary of Oscar Entertainment. The members revealed that they want to become a musician centered group instead of a performance centered group, preferring to expand into multiple genres of music. Through this they aim to perfect their singing and dancing skills more thoroughly. Also, these boys are no strangers to talent as they have helped compose tracks and have been involved with previous hip-hop groups.

Check out the video teaser for HOTSHOT’s “Take A Shot” below: