How long did it take for each boy group to reach #1?



Netizens on Pann recently discussed how long it took each K-pop boy group to reach the #1 position on music charts.

This chart was posted to Pann; it shows the length of time, in days, it took for each popular boy group to reach the top of the music charts:

“How long each group took to reach number 1 (days)

Block BB1A4, and B.A.P took the longest to reach #1, with 913, 757, and 750 days respectively since debut.

Netizens had this to say about the chart:

[+ 185, – 8] I sincerely want to see Eunkwang cry after winning first place. I want to see them all cry. I’ve never wanted to make anyone cry more.

[+ 185, – 10] They’re not my bias but I hope they get first place soon. Fighting!

[+ 162, – 6] They’re not my bias either but I feel sorry for BTS because they picked a terrible time.

Source: Pann